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Choices, meaningful ones can direct our lives in so many powerful ways..

Each and every thought and action that we take or make has costs associated with them. At first these cost may seem to be a bit burdensome but in reality it’s actually power-of-choiceempowering.

It is the costs, these consequences, which make moving forward and growing in life possible. It is in these consequences that the treasures of life can be discovered.

Believe me, I know, many of life’s costs and consequences can be burdensome and a hassle but a life with no cost at all can carry with it a far more insufferable burden.

In life, if there is no cost or consequences there really can be no path to the results that we all seek. Achievement in life would really be impossible.

Consequences, although painful, point us all in a positive course. By each of us experiencing the cost and consequences, both the positive and negative ones we each learn the actions that we need to take.

These consequences can indeed make life difficult but can make it so much more rich as well for these consequences give value and real meaning to the choices that you have made.

In short, our choices define us and our life!

With this, I wish each of you a great evening and as always, God bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected to or will ever be connected to!