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comittment-imageTonight I wanted to write a bit for our younger generation and for a few of those that are in mine if I may.

Trust, Commitment, they are the same. Each of us must trust and be trusted; if not, there is not a true commitment.

Commitment is action and it is so much more than our words, good thoughts, or good intentions. It takes physical action to fulfill our commitments. A commitment is so much more than a promise and is a promise satisfied. To be committed means we must pay attention. If we do not attend to our commitments, they will lose any meaning or value.

To be committed is to be persistent. It does not dwindle at the first sign of adversity. In fact, it grows with each challenge. To be committed is to have faith and to be faithful. To be committed is to be truthful, caring, and responsible. To be committed is to be intentional in all thought and action and above all capable.

To be committed means one has power and when you are committed you get things done, relationships grow and wondrous achievements happen. To be committed makes all of our intentions a reality.

Is commitment worth it? Most definitely although at times it can be painful and a hassle but it demands our full attention, effort and sacrifice. Yes, it can be inconvenient and uncomfortable at times but in the end it will always bring out the best in and it will take you to places and times that you would never imagine you would ever go.

Always think about it before you commit because it is a promise but once you have committed give it EVERYTHING that you have for there is incredible joy and accomplishment to be found in your well placed and tended commitments.

With that, I say to you all, goodnight and God bless you and to all of those to whom you are connected to or will ever be connected to!