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Not one thing exists, I think, that is intrinsically enjoyable. What one enjoys youth-enjoyment-in-sea-shore-800x600another may not. Any enjoyment from anything comes from your attitude towards a situation, not the situation itself.

Too many of us search in vain for enjoyable activities, enjoyable environments, relationships and even entertainment. As I have said before towards many a situation is to just stop searching, let it be and just start plain enjoying!

Enjoyment is not in the activity at all. It is within you, wherever you are and in whatever it that is you are doing so find a way and enjoy whatever it is.  It’s awesome when you aspire to be bigger, better and a bad ass at things. Nevertheless, stop fooling yourself thinking that they will come pre-packaged with their own enjoyment. After that, it is all up to up.

Possibly, you did not choose to be where you are at this second but it is great that you are committed to getting somewhere else. While you here, hanging out why not just accept it and enjoy it. Make it a point to enjoy where you are at this very second and by doing so it and the event’s associated with it will take you a long way on the path to where you need to be in the end.

With that I say to you each Goodnight and God Bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected,