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Some days it seems that all the news we get is bad and that nothing seems to go hoperight. Sometimes it seems that world is crashing around you and everything is going downhill and there seems to be nothing that anyone can do to stop it!

In reality, that is never the reality nor the case. The more problematic life becomes, the more motivated we can become to make substantial, real and positive changes and we can look for new ways or alternatives for what we need.

Is everything always as bad as it seems? No! We can become more determined when situations become more difficult

When enough of us become more determined, great, positive and valuable things can begin to happen. Hope, which we may not have been able to see prior because of the temporary despair, begins to grow, to light the path and to guide us to our destination and our success.

When the darkness we see becomes insufferable, someone will come into your life and shine the brightest light you have ever seen and this light you now carry will inspire others and others, others!

Hope is there with you always and the more you need it the more powerful and effective it grows.

Always have hope and know that in the end all will be okay!

With that I say to each of you, goodnight and God bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected to or will ever be!