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I just found out I am one of the finalists for the Saturday Evening Post’s “Tribute to Our Troops” Essay Contest and will be in one of the next upcoming issues. Didn’t risk_reward_460x307expect that. This magazine has been one of America’s greatest magazines and one of my favorites.

With that I wanted to write about taking risks in life.

Life is full of opportunities and many of these opportunities involve some type of chance or risk. These opportunities can indeed lead to some very positive things in our lives.

Failure is very possible when we take risk yet when we take no risk at all there is the certainty of failure. Yes, some risks in life are not worth it but to avoid all risk is to not live life at all.

Heck, getting up every day is a risk in itself. Going to the store now days is an adventure. Even for those of you out dating, you know how risky that can be, right! Even though, all of these risks are worth taking and actually needed because of the rewards in the end.

Yes, sometimes taking a risk can hurt you but is that a reason to stop taking them? No! We learn from these failures and experiences and we move forward. So do not waste your talents that you have by not taking risks for the most destructive risk is taking no risk at all!

So, each of you use what you have and do not let your fear of failure be the greatest failure of your life. Step up and do whatever it is you have ever wanted to do and take the risk and reap the many positive things that they can bring.

With that I say to each of you goodnight and God bless to you and all of those to whom you are connected to or will ever be connected to.