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Today, rise to any challenge that comes your way, as there is an endless assortment of chances, choices and possibilities today and each day!

certiport_riseIf you see any difficulties, erase them! If you see any injustices, right them! If you see darkness, shine your light upon it! If you see uncertainty, change it with your confidence.

Each moment of every day, there are many opportunities for joy and happiness. Do you take the opportunity? Each day there are opportunities for love and beauty. Do you take the moment to feel the love or to see the beauty? Do you give all that you are to each of them?

Today, this very day and very second you, each of you can create value that has never existed before. No matter what transpires in your days, know that you each can add to the beauty and richness of life and humanity.

Today, give the gift of YOURSELF to the world. When you do, the world will be better for it!

I wish each of you your best day today and each day. God bless you and all of those to whom you are connected to or will ever be connected to!