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In life, one of our biggest vices is giving advice.

quill and parchmentThis is so true for those of us that consider ourselves “spiritual” or “enlightened”. Just because I have discovered answers for myself does in no way mean that my answers will work for others and I have no right to interfere in any of your processes of discovery. I never have and I never will. What I do write is there and if it helps then it was meant to be,

What I attempt to do is share what I feel is right and beneficial for those that may be able to use what I have to share. If not, that is fine too, as I said; it is your process and path that you each have to take.

I only share what have learned from my own life, my mistakes, and my successes and from the lives of those that have been a part of my life since I took my first breath.

I do feel that it is important to help when asked and when needed but I try not to ever forget that the giving of ones love, kindness and generosity to others inspires more than the giving of any advice ever will.