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My wife read something today that I think is very powerful, “Funny that when we are children that we wish our parents would get off of our backs it is when we get older that we realize that our parents are the only ones that really truly ever had our back.” So true, don’t you think? This somewhat leads to my post tonight of respect.

respectWould it not be awesome to benefit from the good fortune of someone else? Would it not be awesome if we could take someone else’s influence and power for ourselves? What about gaining wisdom from a person that has a proven record of success? If you are willing to act, think and live with respect towards others, all of this and more is possible.

All of us want to be respected, I know I do but how many of you know that there is another side of respect that is equally if not more important to receiving this respect? What is this “secret”? It is no secret at all. It comes from the power of respecting others.

Each of us has something, which can make us stand out from the rest of humanity in just about any case. That something is RESPECT! To get an advantage we must act with respect towards others. Want to succeed in life, then give respect.

This “secret” is available to everyone and I do mean everyone. The person that has no money, no friends, no family, no skills, no knowledge, no home, no job and not even any ambition has this valuable and powerful gift to offer – RESPECT!

I have seen people do all kinds of crazy things to gain respect. Lie, cheat, steal, and dress a certain way and even treat those that they love with no respect to get respect from those that do not even care. They spend so much energy trying to get respect and faking who they really are that in the end if they had just done what is right and acted no other way than who they are, life would have been so much more simple.

It takes more energy to lie and do wrong than it does to do what is right. I just don’t get it sometimes.

Anyway, a lot of these crazy things actually pay off but for just a short time as this energy is tragically misplaced. The surest way to gain real and true respect is to show sincere respect towards others and this includes those closest to you.

When you gain the respect of another, you actually get a special kind of access to that other person. You get an increased understanding and rapport and this can be priceless. With respect for ourselves and for others, we have an advantage in life.

This one act, this one-way of being towards others can make us or break us in so many parts of our lives such as in work and at home, in relationships with family and friends.

The respect that we show others will come back to us over and over and will, I promise, bring so many good things to you in your life. Every day is full of opportunities for using respect.

Respect yourself. Respect others and live a life full of connections, moments and love.

Goodnight and God bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected to or will ever be connected to.