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The words that you are reading at this very second were written just moments ago in a home by the water on a quiet street in La Porte. It was then transmitted to a IP in Pasadena for distribution to the Facebook servers/data center in North 72-Humanity94394_jpg_cf662c4514d395e76957aab62f6a9dcbCarolina for distribution around the world. As you read these words, they are also being read by individuals via Facebook, my blog, twitter and G+ around the world on multiple continents.

What is amazing to me is not the technology that is used to accomplish this but that this technology, this ability to communicate in the blink of an eye with thousands of people who share an interest in themselves, others and in personal development or any subject really. It is available to anyone with a simple Google search or if your following me it can be shared and then can be read by thousands more.

I think we take this all for granted. Think about it, the implications are colossal. We have evolved as a human species with a global consciousness. It can be tracked and it can be seen. I see it without any algorithms by just scrolling the FB home page, Twitter or even G+. You see a general mood or feeling grow and change and adapt as our world and the events in it changes. This consciousness continues to grow each day. Collaboration and sharing on a very intimate and detailed level can occur outside the limitations of time and space, as we know it.

So why am I writing of this? What does this mean for you and for I as individual human beings? Well for starters if frees each of us to become the people we were meant to be. It allows us each to connect with others who value what we each have to offer, to be accepted and to give of ourselves freely. Whatever it is we are good at we can share and connect with like-minded people all over the world.

Most of us remember back in the 70’s and 80’s and even before that time, our success in life depended largely on each of us fitting in to our local social environment. Do you remember the clicks? Where you lived limited you in the interactions that you had and in a large way molded you. This global connection, this global consciousness has changed all of that.

In the Industrial Age, people who designed and produced products for the masses and which were targeted for the “lowest common denominator” in order to have the greatest mass appeal, were greatly rewarded. In the end though, this led to a compromise on the part of the creator and the producer.

Now, as we become more and more interconnected, our society is beginning to reward true creativity, innovation and passion and on so many levels. The walls that once divided us are all but gone.

So with all of this, how is one to thrive in the Information Age, when traditional industries are downsizing due to this technology? You thrive by following your hearts, by doing what it is that you love and by becoming the best that you can be at it.

Never in the history of man has the time been more right for you to become the person you were meant to be.

Become your best and share it with the world for now WE ARE ALL CONNECTED!

Goodnight and God bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected to or will ever be connected to!