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Becca, our granddaughter, is staying with us tonight and as usual, we enjoy every Capturemoment we get with her. Tonight Gwen and I play “Store” with here where she was pretending to be a check out lady at an Office Supply store and selling us school supplies. The currency for the night was gum, pennies and quarters. We were all laughing and having a great time.

Towards the end, I just sat there and watched and I realized that this was a moment. One of those moments that if we are not watching usually disappear in the recesses of our minds because we fail to notice the moment. So tonight, I thought I would write of our moments.

I want each of you to think of the moments in your life that has been extraordinarily special to you. No, not the moments that is built up to be something grand or something showy but the experiences that I write of often, the ones that you will carry with you forever.

What about them made them special for you? If you think about it, you will realize that it was what YOU put into them. It was your own effort, your commitment to the moment, your heart and that part of yourself that you gave to the moment.

Each of us need to always remember that the moments of our life are only as special as we make them. It is what you give to all of your moments that makes your life meaningful. If we give more the more you are, the more you become.

A major part of our lives are defined by the contributions that you make in the many moments in your life and not by the things that you own our how many parties you go to or how many friends you have on Facebook or Twitter. It is your physical life with the ones connected to you that matter and the moments contained within them.

Think of it this way. Great art only happens when the artist puts himself into his work. Great literature comes only when the writer puts himself into his story. Your life becomes so much more for you and those connected to you when you put your heart into it and into all of your moments.

Tomorrow stop and recognize the moments and make them more special by putting yourself into them.

Goodnight and God bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected to or will ever be connected to.