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Each of us knows, or at least we should all know that there is more to enjoying life than just working, making money or buying the next thing and keeping up with enjoy-life-20everyone else.

Are you concerned with the advantages that you will gain from life? If you are then you’ll end up with a more advantages rather than real joy.

Pleasure can be great yet pleasure does not equal our enjoyment and the pursuit of mere pleasure will end up enslaving you as it has already a majority of you. Why, do you ask? It is because it chains you to something specific or to a condition of being. If your only objecting in life is pleasure then just like a drug, you will require more and more of it as life goes on and you never will have enough and end the end you enjoy nothing.

Enjoyment is already around you in the small, simple, subtle things. The love of family and friends, the time spent with them. The time spent helping another and even the time when you just are. So, let go of the need to have and to impress and allow yourself to enjoy life, YOUR LIFE!

Today, on this Monday, look around you and notice that you can find enjoyment in just about anything, with no requirements, conditions or limitations. Even in the most extreme circumstances, there is a possibility for real enjoyment if we look.

Choose, today to enjoy it with all of life’s ups and downs and challenges and surprises. You will find that enjoyment will empower you and will strengthen all that you do.

God bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected to or will ever be.