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Why would you ever give up on anything?

How many of the good things, the blessings, in your lives have first appeared as never_give_up_by_bleedingtiara-d4p83litroubles? How many of the breaks have come in the form of a problem? Just think, what if you gave up when those problems first materialized, you would have missed out on something that is so special to you at this moment.

How many of you find yourself that is more of a chore at times than a pleasure? Maybe it is a work project or a chore at home.

Whatever it may be if we can find a way to care about it we can usually find some way to get it done. If we can make whatever it is meaningful, enough we are sure to make it happen.

It is a waste of energy doing things that we do not want to do.  Therefore, we should each try to put our efforts into matching up our efforts of what we MUST do to the passions that are ours.

Most of our lives we have been happy to do the things that we want to do so maybe we should not labor against our desires but make a connection between those desires and whatever we are working on.

Each of us excels at the things we enjoy so whatever it is that you are doing, remind yourself why something matters and maybe you will find yourself excelling.

Complaining is of no use and serves no purpose other than to make something more negative so try to frame whatever it is that you are doing in such a way that you do care about it. Never assume what you do does not have meaning and be the one that gives authentic meaning to it.

So, make the choice to enjoy everything and find fulfillment in everything that you will ever do or have to do. It is up to you!