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Watching the news, then following Egyptian Citizens on Twitter, and then looking at what is happening in our own country I started thinking about conflict.

conflict-resolutionAs American’s we are asleep and we as a whole refuse to face the looming conflict that is not far on our own soil. We take our lives, our way of life, for granted and think, “Not us”.

The real truth about all conflict is that if we continue to run from it, it will eventually find us. If we give into conflict, it will grow even stronger and more emboldened. We see it ever place we look but yet most of you do not see it.

So, how do we end conflict? We end it by dealing with it! We deal with it by overwhelming it with a positive and determined purpose.

When we are merely fighting against something, the fighting will never end. To get beyond the conflict of our personal lives and the conflicts of man we must each work to replace it with something far more valuable and positively absorbing for all concerned.

No, it is not easy and it requires a level of commitment that many of us have never reached. It requires persistence in the face of all that is negative and more effort in the face of the difficult challenges.

Yet, in the end, we all know from history, it is a far, far better choice. Rather than perpetuating the conflicts of our lives and of our world we will have removed any reason for it to ever occur again.

There is a far higher and positive purpose that will replace the destructive purpose of the conflicts before us so each of us must do the work to bring the whole of humanity to it.

As I have said so many times, IT IS ALWAYS UP TO YOU AND TO US!