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I was asked to write of commitment tonight. Actually, I think that this is something that is needed tonight because it seems every week I see so many of you going timthumbthrough issues of commitment. To be committed to anything in our lives is to make a choice, a promise and to stick to that promise no matter what, no matter the difficulties or the pain.

Pure commitment is powerful and it is serious. Commitment is not just saying the words, “I will do it” or “I do”. Commitment is DOING IT. True and pure commitment is not in any way conditional because to be committed means to be absolutely committed in mind, body and soul.

To be committed is to be doing more than what is comfortable or what is convenient; it is doing what is necessary. It means that at times, we must make sacrifices and trade-offs that are needed to uphold it, because that is what is right. It is not wishing for the right conditions because it is working with what you have.

No, commitment is not easy at times. Commitment does not back down nor does it run away when trouble shows. Until a goal is reached, commitment perseveres. It wastes neither time nor effort complaining, whining, or seeking to find blame. True commitment adjusts to our reality and moves forward.

Sadly, many of us have been deceived for way too long and have come to expect that they can know fulfillment without the bare knuckles effort of commitment. Those that have been are sadly mistaken. Commitment takes real work and it is well worth it. Look around you, the evidence is overwhelming and commitment gets results as nothing else on earth can.

Look at the ones you love, the ones that mean so much to you. Are they not worth the commitment and the promises that have been made? Even the promises that you have made yourself, are you not worth it? I think that you and all of those to whom you are connected to are worth it.

With that, I say good night and God bless to each of you. May tomorrow and each day be your best day. Make the commitment that they will be!