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downloadA life of anguish and a life full of happiness and of joy are both the result of that same thing, the quality of our lives is determined by our actions. Everything we do in life has a consequence or a reaction to our action. In reality, we determine our future by the things that we do today.

Each one of us has dreams, hopes and desires and what we are doing at this very moment will dictate wither or not they become a reality in our futures. Right now is the only time you have to act on anything because it is the only time that is available to us.

We cannot avoid the consequences of our own actions and thoughts. You never want to even if you could.

If there were no consequence for our actions in life, we would never accomplish anything because the consequences are specific to our actions. We learn from them and if we so choose the actions can be directed toward meaningful ends.

When we make a mistake, we typically wish we could escape the consequences but in the end, depending how you respond, you can learn so much from them and make them positive in all aspects of our lives. It is these painful moments that we learn so much and this is the most valuable type of education.

Consequences are compelling educators as they provide a tried and true framework within which we are able to accomplish what we so desire. These consequences provide a link between the actions and results in our lives.

None of us can separate the consequences from the actions that first triggered them but what we can do is just as influential and powerful. Each of us can control the actions and the thoughts in our lives so as to bring about the positive consequences that we all most desire.

Think before you take action always and make your life the best it can be with nothing but positive consequences, for you and for those that your are connected to in this life.

Goodnight and God bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected to or will ever be and may tomorrow be your best day and each day thereafter.