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Today you have been given a new opportunity to make the best future that you can ever imagine! What is it though that you imagine? What is it that you want? the_time_is_nowWhat is it that you need? Only you know the answer to these questions and only you hold the key to the possibilities.

At this very moment, decide that you will be virtuous to your future. Decide at this moment that you will live with nothing but integrity, discipline and purpose in the present to mold the future that you so desire.

Right this second, right now is the perfect time to avoid future regrets and to create an enormous future of value to you.

Today or I should say tomorrow, you have a great advantage over how your life can be tomorrow and each day thereafter. Use this advantage so that one day you can look back on all of your choices from this point forward with gratitude and satisfaction.

What you each do at this moment has much influence very far into your future, so feel that absolute power and use it wisely.

Remember that what you have done in the past had consequences and has affected you up to this point but as I said, tomorrow is a new day and opportunity. Never forget that each thought and action that you take has very real consequences so beginning right now choose the actions that bring only good into your futures.

Be upright and honorable to yourself by being good to your future. Use this moment as you read this to choose a future that is exactly that way you would like it to be and take the actions to make it so.

With that, I say to you each, goodnight and God bless and to all of those to whom you are connected to or will ever be connected to.