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Each time I am away from home it hurts but only for a bit, that initial change and 090528_morningritualseparation. After a bit, I fill with excitement and anticipation of my return home to my Gwen. Each time I am away, I think more of home and what I have to be thankful for. In a way, I slow down.

You know, the best way for us to move forward in life is to do just that, slow down. Having bigger and faster things and being busier are not better for us. We are not built for that as humans I believe. Although, we often assume that these things are what life is about without even thinking about it. None of this means a full life.

We all work hard for our families and our lives so we should each focus our time on living it and being part of it. We need to see what really matters that is right in front of us. We should all spend real and sustained, joyful time with family and those that matter to us, free of schedules or deadlines.

That is one reason I keep writing in the hopes that one day I can do it full time and then focus all of me on Gwen. We should all strive for that for the ones that matter.

We should all live in the richness in life that we so often strive to attain for if we keep trying to attain things we never will get to enjoy them with the ones that we love.

Maybe we should all stop from time to time and enjoy the things we would normally hurry past. Maybe we should all spend some calm, peaceful, quiet time not as an item on our schedule but apart from it. Maybe we should all let down our defenses and let go of our expectations from time to time.

Let us all, from time to time, give up on our facades and merely enjoy the ultimate beauty of being alive and with the ones that make us each who we are.

With that I say to you each, goodnight and God bless you and each of those to whom you are connected to or will ever be connected to.