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Roy-Hancliff09Anything that has been accomplished by any other human being since the beginning of time is within the field of possibility. If it has been thought or is yet to be thought, it can become a reality. What keeps things from becoming a reality? Doubt!

Can YOU let your doubts go? I believe you can, because I know that I can.

Question is how you let go of these doubts. You do so by simply making up your mind to stop holding on to them and decided to let them go.

Let us say you want to drop something that is in your hands, you just decide to let it go and it falls from with your grasp. So do the same thing with your doubts by visualizing the exact same thing with each of your doubts. See them in your grasp then see your hand open and then see the doubt fall away from you to never be picked up again.

Every single doubt that you have or have ever had requires your active contribution and your energy and thoughts. At this moment, you can choose to no longer participate in keeping the doubts alive.

Try instead to grow and build and to love and live and accomplish the greatest things in life that you can imagine. Stop standing in the way of who you are and all of your possibilities.

Move forward beginning now without then hindrance of doubt. Discover how amazing life can be when you are free of doubt.

Goodnight and God bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected to or will ever be connected to.