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Peace and change are part of each of our lives but it is how we interpret and respond to it all that makes all the difference I think.

images (2)Yes, so many things in life come to us are very uncomfortable, very inconvenient and many times extremely painful. We should each be thankful for it all nonetheless and should let it ease the burden of our burdens. We should all be thankful for what is because it is as it should be.

The confusion and the pain come more from the struggle than the difficult situation or event itself. It comes from within. We should all let go of our need to struggle and focus our energies on the positive to deal with situations as they come our way.

If we can go deep within the past resistance, past thoughts past anxieties we can feel the pure peace that lives at our centers. If we don’t feel it then we must go deeper and deeper until we do.

There is nothing to be gained in life by fighting against what is already a true reality. We must always accept what is so that we can enable ourselves to create a new and positive value from it and for others.

The choices of others are theirs alone to make and at times, those choices hurt us in the deepest of ways but know that it is not because of you but because of their own life choice that they must make for themselves just as we have made ours. We must all take this path at some point so we must be at peace with it all in the end and embrace this change peacefully.

Change itself is really neither good nor bad. It is simply a fact. The situations that are brought about by change can certainly be good, bad, or, more often, a combination of both. Yet change itself is neutral. As such, it can become either a powerful positive tool or a cruel oppressor, depending entirely on how you respond to it and make use of it. I choose to respond with peace.

Feel the peace and feel the limitless possibilities that are connected to you and your life. Be thankful and grateful for the experience and the learning that you receive from it. Feel the peace of allowing your life to be and feel the power to bring the best of your life’s possibilities into being.

Your true purpose is not in conflict with anything. Though you will always face challenges, you never have to fight.

For you can meet those challenges with love and poise and the positive power of peaceful purpose. Instead of being trapped in the conflict, with the power of peace you can find a positive way to successfully move beyond it.

No one can take peace away from you when you step forward and offer it first. Keep peace in your thoughts, your mind, and your heart and put real, meaningful power in your life that already exists.

With that I say goodnight and God bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected to or will ever be connected to.