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Are you grateful for the things in your life, for the things that you have and for the things that happen, both good and bad?

gratitude-quotesGratitude and abundance are intimately linked to one another. If we live with gratitude we each open ourselves to the abundance of all of life.

Being thankful for a little of this or a little of that from time to time you will get a peak of the abundance available to you but never grasp it. If we allow ourselves to be thankful for everything, little and large, we will find our lives submerged in abundance. Yes, this is a good thing!

For us to be thankful for the events in our lives that appear to be negative seems strange, I know. However, it is exactly what we need to be because when we take it all in and are grateful for it we can take the opportunities in the setbacks and turn them into successes.

You may feel that being thankful for the little, insignificant things are a waste of energy or time but know that it is these little things that ensure that we will have big things in our life that we need.

Seize every single opportunity you can to be grateful with each opportunity to be thankful. Make gratefulness a constant confidante in all that you think, feel and do.

As our gratitude expands and grows and the more encompassing, the abundance of life shines more and more brilliantly for us all. Be thankful, always and there will be no end to the abundance that you can experience.

Remember that it is not success itself the brings happiness to each of us, it is the act of being happy that brings success.