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“Be patient and understanding. Life is too short to be vengeful or malicious.” ~Phillips Brooks

Patience, a lot of us have it, a lot of us don’t, and some have none. What is patience anyway and what does it do for us?

images (3)If you think about it, patience saves us time and reduces the stress in our lives. Patience saves us money over time and patience actually improves our relationships both professional and personal.

We can have the ability to achieve the most impossible things with patience. We can each be fully understood as well as to understand with patience.

We can all uncover and experience the most unattainable treasures in life that otherwise we would have never known about with patience. If we all can live with patience, we can develop the consistency to generate great things.

Sitting back and doing nothing, waiting for something to happen is not patience. What it means is that we must always do the best that we can do while having the wisdom that what we want will not become a reality overnight.

The acknowledgement that the quality of life is so much more important that the quantity of all things with which we fill it, this is patience. To accept things for what they are and for the moment and putting, all you have into creating the best that can be is being patient.

Make the most each day by practicing patience, for with patience our lives can fully and richly be lived.

Listen patiently, and you will better understand. Work patiently, and you will build lasting value.

In patience there is power. In patience, there is the expression of real and abiding love.

Patience melts away painful and destructive anxieties. Patience helps to avoid careless mistakes.

Patience reveals a depth of strong character. Patience provides comfort and refuge for those who are weary of the world’s frustrations.

Patience is crucial to persistence. Moreover, with sufficient persistence, any goal, any dream or desire can be reached.