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This morning when I got to work, I overheard a conversation of a personal nature of sorts. The person was upset about and complaining about a mistake they had made in the past aprezent-trecut-viitornd it was still bothering them enough this morning to complain about it. Then I get online and I see quite a few updates of the same nature.

So, this got me to thinking and I decided to jot this down before I tackle my day and get to work.

Each of us has shortcomings and each of us have made mistakes in life in bother personal and professional environments. We are human you know! These mistakes have nothing to do with your day today or your future successes.

It matters not that you have disenchanted yourself in the past. Today at this moment you each have a chance to get it right. Quit basing your today on what you did yesterday and learn from it and turn a past weakness into a strength today! Today expect the best in all things and then make it a reality!

What purpose does it serve to keep thinking about the past or feeling resentful or angry with yourself or some past event? Today make the CHOICE to feel good TODAY and be confident and fervent about what you can do at this moment, today!

The negative momentum in life will only continue of you decided it to be so. It is your choice as always So stop it and replace it with a positive momentum.

The most critical and important part of our life is this moment than begins right now and you can make this part as positive and motivating as you want it to be. So do it!