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Answer the following questions as quickly as you can, ready, where are you going? Are you where you want to be? Have you fulfilled your dreams you had as a child?

CaptureOkay now that you have your answers and the emotions that may go with them, I want you to think about what you are doing right now. Most people live in a continual state of denial and in a fog. Year after year, we just barely get by and over time, most of us resign ourselves to just that, getting by…in the fog. Many people just give up on their dreams and to me this is very sad.

It really does not have to be that way, though. Look at me. That is why I write each day knowing that one day it will pay off form my family and I but in a way it already has because sometimes what I write helps one of you and that alone is greater than any monetary reward I can ever receive. Just like me, take control of your lives and of your futures.

Focus on what you’re doing right now. Is it enabling you to get where you wanted to be and if it is not, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to choose to keep living in the fog until it is too late and you finally just give up on your dreams all together?

Alternatively, will you make the choice to take your dreams back and to take control of your life once again? Will you decide to live you life to the fullest? Will you enjoy making a difference in the lives of those that you love and are connected to? To be blunt, there is nothing noble about being lonely, depressed and broke, unless your choose that. Life does not have to be like that at all. The most successful humans on earth are those that help others the most no matter what they have and do so with a lifted heart. Life is about helping other people and we tend to forget it in this fog of ours. We all tend to forget this.

Anyway, as a child we could all imagine unlimited possibilities and we could be anything on earth that we could imagine. We had no limitations, we were happy and creative, and we all dreamed the biggest of things. Around the age of 6, depending on where you lived, we all began to become part of the “system”. From that point, little by little, each day this system began to pull at us and to break us down and tell us how things should be and not what we dreamed them to be. Over time, our dreams were stripped away and replaced with the fog of this reality and we are told to conform.

Life may have beaten you down over the years but know that without any doubt, those dreams you had, well they are still there. They are buried in the muck of life as we are told it to be. At this very second I want each of you to reach down through the layers through all of it and to touch your dreams once again. Let the warmth of them travel through you, to your heart and your soul. Let them live again, feel them, and for just a moment, imagine that you can have and live your life to the fullest and be all that you have ever wanted to be and do all the things in life that you ever wanted to do.

The choice is now up to you and you alone. Now that you have this flame of a dream, within you once again you can continue to do what you are doing and live in the fog or you can blow as hard as you can and turn this flame into an inferno and let it consume you as it did when you first had the dreams. It is your choice. CHOOSE WISELY!