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Change! It is a very profound and powerful act and force in our lives yet many of us fear it.

Fear-Pain-and-Business-ChangeLife is in a constant battle but it is not a battle between another and us. It is between ourselves and our own egos and our own pride.

In every second of every day and with each breath, we are doing one of three things. Either we are moving away from change, moving towards change or we are not doing anything at all. Whichever action we are taking we either add our own negativity to it or we are removing it.

I think that once we realize this, we accept it we can then tap into fulfillment, and when we do, we usually find the first lumps of coal that exists in our life. Things like lacking, hatred and selfishness. We can then begin to transform these lumps of coal into the diamonds of our live turning things into abundance, love and sharing.

Again this all goes back to choice but it also goes back to our ability or lack there of to accept our faults and our weaknesses. We each need to understand that the bad we have had and may have now is only there because we allow it and choose to have it.

Many times, it is a fear that prevents us from changing. As I wrote earlier, fear of anything is greatly dependent on our outlook towards it. If we change our perspective, the nature of the fear changes too.

Sometimes this change in perspective comes to us when we least expect it and in the most unique of ways. That is a great thing as now more opportunities develop and the light begins to shine where once it was dark.

Be your own light and shine so bright that others are changed because of it.