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Frustration_325x393So much frustration it seems on a Monday. That is normal for them but I realized that tonight most of us choose to be that way. Did you know that frustration is but an impatient thought!

Frustration can turn the most awesome of days into the most miserable event when you hold it within your mind. Worry in itself is just a thought and yet it can hold you prisoner and bind you.

However, confidence and determination are thoughts as well and when you focus on them you can accomplish the most incredible things in life. Happiness is a thought too, and it can bring you majestic beauty and fulfillment in life during the times you choose to hold it within your mind and soul.

Next time you find yourself frustrated or angry, worried, or even annoyed know that it is because you chose to be so. Realize that you can also decide and choose to be patient, understanding, confident, determined and even happy. It is always your choice.

Yes, I know that it may sound stupid and unrealistic to some of you to think thoughts of confidence and of peace when you’re surrounded by utter chaos. However, for just a second ask yourself, “will it be better to jump into the turmoil and chaos with my thoughts or for me to rise above it with the power that is within me and stay above it?”

The results, the actions and the course of our lives are all directed by our thoughts and it is our thoughts that are eventually determined by who we truly choose to be in life.