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I have many reasons and each are varied for me not using any religious references in what I write other than “God” or other terminology in writing my messages each letter-writingday here or on any of the others platforms that I write on of for. This will be my one and only exception.

What I write I do so in a way that it may be attainable, valuable and hold meaning for all faiths and for even those with no religious faith. I write on almost every subject I can, for when I do I learn something more about myself and about humanity so I want what I share, if it holds meaning for you, to be able to be used in all places and in all walks of life and independent of any religious belief on non-belief. My ideas, beliefs and concepts are embedded in what I share each day and are not meant to detract from any faith or belief of any person.

My reasoning is not to deny the existence of GOD or to not give credit to Him nor the Universe and the source of all things. On the contrary, I personally know and experience the infinite love and grace of God. I may not believe in a modern traditional way as you do. Some will say I am Gnostic. Some may say I am Buddhist. I consider myself more Spiritual than religious and hold my beliefs as I do for my own personal reasons and because of my own experiences in life and in death.

With all of my heart and soul I give credit to our Creator, for all that, I write and that I do. I do not claim to speak for a God and I do not purpose that I have any special insight to an unspoken truth. Really, the truth is that we all have this truth within us but I personally choose to connect to it in my own, unique way, which is in writing.

Each and every single thing that I write on are based on my own life’s experiences which include the good and bad, the beautiful and the ugly of life. They are based on things that I have learned from watching others and things that I have deeply meditated and thought about before I put it to pen or keyboard. Believe me. I am so far from perfect.

Many of you and others that read my writings here and elsewhere on the web have messaged me or asked for specific religious topics be written about and most of you wonder where my motivation and inspiration come from. It all comes from life and each of you, my family and my friends, the wind and the rain. Everything!

Many things have helped to educate me and form me into who I am at this moment. My mother and my father, my perfect wife, my children the place that I live and the places that I have lived and have been as well as all of the people I have ever met. Know also, I am not done and still have a lot of learning in-front of me.

Know that I will never impose my beliefs on any person. I will never disrespect you or your beliefs and will honor each of you as a fellow human being, a friend and a neighbor. So if you have been one of the ones wondering, know that I have not ignored you but I do hope this will answer your questions on why I write as I do.

It is my sincere desire to do nothing but write from my heart and my soul and hope that I can change one life with the words that I write because if I do, every word that I have ever written will be worth it all.

Now that that is out of the way, it is time for me to make me a cup of coffee and write my post for the evening.