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Starting now why not just accept the fact the at times, the decisions that you make in life will not be perfect. When you accept it, and then decide!

ID-10088153There is so much time wasted in our lives on indecisiveness. It serves no purpose that to sow the seeds of despair and encourages procrastination.

If you are unsure, why not find out all that you can about what it is you want and give it real thought and then decide where to go or what to do.

This way you actually spend your time getting done what you would have otherwise wasted time deciding on.

Yes, at times you will have to change direction or adapt because you may have failed to make the best decision but if you think about it. You are farther ahead than you would have been if you had remained indecisiveness.

Changing your approach is so much better that being paralyzed.

The risk of a wrong decision is preferable to the terror of indecision. ~ Maimonides

So now my question to you is there anything the YOU have been putting off because you cannot decide what to do our maybe even how to do it? Beginning at this very moment is the perfect time to become confident in yourself and power and then decide.

Put your fate in your own hands by choosing to quickly deal with life’s difficulties. Feel how good and right it feels to be decisive and persistently effective.

Say what must be said, decide what must be decided, and do what must be done. The sooner and more willingly you face the difficulties, the sooner you’ll get beyond them.