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Today marks the 12th Anniversary of 9/11. This one day holds so much emotion, sadness and anger for many of us. Today I do not want us to forget the senseless deaths nor do I want us to forget the Heroes of that day.

GodBlessAm3Take a moment today to reflect on them all and the families that are left behind. Think of the children that were left behind that are now adults and many parents themselves.

Many of them still hurt but one thing I noticed this morning listening to the events on the radio is that many are not bitter; many have moved on, many are happy, and they should be. They chose to move on but never to forget.

This world alone cannot make any of you happy. Only you and you alone can do that and this is one thing that the survivors can teach each of us. Each of you can be happy by deciding to be. Yes, it sounds simplistic but it is effective, this power to choose.

As the survivors have done we to can do the same and make the best of what we each are and the best of what life has to offer. When we do this we begin to fully appreciate what we have. What better way to honor those that have gone before us than to be happy with ourselves and with life.

Is it really possible to be happy when things do not go the way you wish or when a terrible tragedy strikes our lives? You bet you can!!! These events in life do not define US only the moment. Feeling sadness, loneliness and even anger is natural and avoidable even on the anniversaries of days such as today.

Yet, this sadness and all the emotions that come with it, although some intense, are defining the moment and not you. Remember, honor and do what you must but in the end, BE HAPPY WITH YOURSELF!

In our happiness, which dwells in the moment of remembrance, there is a powerful energy with which you can touch and heal yourself and others.

So, today be happy and do so to continue to heal and live and to change the lives of others as those have that have come before us have done as well as those that have gone from us way to early still do!

God bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected to or will ever be!