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Today there have been many a conversation of freedom and with these conversations arises thoughts of peace, forgiveness and love. Each of these is Captureintimately connected to the other.

Freedom! It is the great enabler of opportunity. To be able to act with our most treasured interests, values, and knowing that anything is possible, this is freedom!

Many have given their lives for this right. Some by choice and many by force as is evident on this day.

We must remember that this gift is very valuable and that essential to freedom is responsibility. By exercising and accepting the full responsibility over every aspect of our lives, we as individuals and as a nation can become truly free to live and to fulfill our own unique visions as individuals and collectively as a nation.

From freedom comes great power and our responsibility to it keeps that power focused in a productive and positive direction but only if we do it in a way that is of benefit to all of humanity and not for personal or political gain.

Tempered with responsibility, freedom has produces many wonderful things throughout our history as a human race and even more wonderful, if we so allow it and so choose it, is the fact that humanities best rewards are yet to come if we can learn as a race and not as a political party or government.

Within freedom exists endless promise and with it the possibilities for humanity for goodness and fulfillment can always grow and be abundant.

Not just on days as today but each day, each of us, must celebrate freedom and put it to pure and good use in special ways as individuals, as a nation and as humanity. With each of our lives we should uncover and bring to life the treasures that have never been witnessed before.

Each day celebrate freedom and, more importantly, creatively put it to good use in your own special way. With your life, uncover and bring to life some of freedom’s treasures that have never been seen before.

With honest and pure freedom comes peace and if this peace is truly brought about with our freedoms as a whole we as nations and as individuals can put our minds at peace and allow ourselves to be in a powerful state of mind. We should all let go of worry and anxiety and let in only the most meaningful and positive possibilities exist.

Our world has enough challenges to cope with so we should not let our individual thoughts pull us down. We should quite those thoughts and feel the power and beauty of our own being and maybe, just maybe as a human race we can one day realize a world without hatred or war.

At the core of each of us there is peace and it is real. It is in our DNA. Let us each connect with it and let us do so often and let it fill every corner of humanity.

Let us put our minds at peace and free ourselves to think and to act according to our highest and most authentic values as a human race. Let us ALL see the possibilities that exist in each of us and let us bring them to life.

Let us as the human race live from the perspective of peace and freedom and let us live at a higher level and from where we are meant to be. Let our nations put peace and freedom in the forefront of all things and let each of us be our most sincere and positive selves.

Even with freedom and in peace there are times that forgiveness must be practiced and this can be very difficult, especially on days such as today. Although, in the long run it is far, far easier to forgive that to continue to live with anger, resentment or continuing retribution.

You can move away from the pains of the past with forgiveness. With forgiveness, we can achieve real freedom and peace. As individuals and as a nation we must move on with forgiveness yet never forget.

As a people, there are always opportunities where we can benefit from the value of true forgiveness. We can all forgive ourselves, we can all forgive others and we can all forgive when we don’t exactly know what to forgive.

Why? Because forgiveness is not about blame nor is it about who is at fault. It is about letting go, completely and permanently within ourselves.

True forgiveness is recognizing the reality that what has happened has indeed happened and cannot be undone and that there is no point in allowing something to dominate our lives.

True forgiveness clears our pasts, allows each of us to honor those gone before us, and enables each of us as individuals and as a nation and as a people to positively move forward.

Remember that we cannot have peace without freedom and that that each of these is held together with love and forgiveness for one another.

May God be with each of you and all of those to whom you are connected to or will ever be. May God comfort those that are reliving the moments of a tragic day and may peace find each of them.