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What exactly is competition, what is it to you and what is it you instill in your children as to completion? In what way do you compete?

how-to-research-your-competition-pop_8726Well, I believe, that the most efficient way to compete in and with anything in life is to ignore any competition. In life the greatest advantage, as is proven repeatedly, is to not seek any advantage. If you do you are always keyed in on whatever the other person is doing. When we do this, it takes us away for being the best and doing the best that you can. In life, when we fight to gain any advantage, we are ignoring the advantage that you already possess within and this advantage is our own unique perspective.

Do any of you realize how very much each of you is worth? Each of you have your own thoughts, perceptions, ideas and experiences that mold into a way that can never be duplicated anywhere else on this earth. Think of it this way, diamonds are valuable only because there are so few of them and each is unique. It goes the same with each of you. Each of you are immensely more valuable because there is only one YOU in the whole of the Universe.

So if you think of it, there is no reason for you to be comparing yourself to any other or to be judging yourself or your life by any standard outside of you.

Take of a work of art by Picasso. One of his originals sells for much more than any reproduction. Why is that? It is because there is only ONE original. If you want to create unique and real value in this life then don’t copy what someone else has done. Yes, you can use what they have done as a guide and to learn from but make the end product an original.

You may now be asking, “can I do this?” Yes you most definitely can and you do so by refusing to discount your worth, your work and your ideas. You do this by letting your true self come to the surface and by challenging each and every one of them but never disrespect them because they come from your own unique perspective. They come from the essence of the one and only YOU in this vast Universe.

It is no way being narcissistic to value, explore and even express your own perspectives in life. If it were you would be going around thinking that you are better than all others. You’re not! None of us are! To me, there is nothing more pathetic than thinking you’re worse than someone else, it is thinking that you are better!

My point I guess is that comparisons in anyway are unproductive and ineffectual. Forget about any comparison and start focusing and fulfilling the possibilities that are your own unique and precious treasures in life.

Quit worrying about the diamonds and other man-made trinkets when you each have something that is so much more precious. Each of you have life from a viewpoint and perspective that has never before been experienced on the face of this earth or ours and this grows more rich and unique each day.

Quit settling for only an advantage over others, for when you have that you have nothing that will bring you oneness and fulfillment. Take life and the competition that is in it to a higher level. Be YOU and be that ONE and ONLY original expression of life, existence, and thought and of awareness who loves the whole of life and one that lives it fully!