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To an extent that you entertain lies and deceit, each of us are held prisoner in a Universe cut off from reality. The reality and the truth is that you hide from yourselves and in doing so you prevent yourself from fulfillment and from growth. honestyAny truth that you may hide from others will always keep you distantly apart.

Truth shines its bright light on our lives so that we can clearly see the way to go as we travel its roads. Achievement, joy, happiness, fellowship and fulfillment, all thrive in the warm and uplifting light of all truth.

If we wish to travel the most direct path in our lives to wherever we want to go we must each do so with honesty. Yes, honesty and truth can sometimes be difficult but never more difficult that deceit. For any of you to think otherwise is to deceive even yourself. Lurking and hiding in the shadows of untruth will make it impossible to ever move forward.

There is no secret that truth is ethical and moral. It is also practical effective and efficient in anything that we may do in our lives. This is also known by those of us that enjoy lasting success in life.

Therefore, I ask each of you to live in the bright and empowering light. Embrace and hold close truth always as it will always serve your best.