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Do you notice or are you even aware of the miracles that happen to you each second of every day?

hqdefaultEach day is nothing less than a miracle. Our lives are even more of a miracle!

To feel the warm sun on our faces or the feeling of rain falling upon us seems like such a simple thing, yet these simple seemingly small experiences are made only possible but an unfathomable complex and profound factors and coming together in one single moment.

When one of life’s amazing moments is complete, another has begun. Our Universe is full of seemingly ordinary life yet life is in itself a series of magnificent miracles, each of them following one after the other.

It our world today it is way too easy to take it all for granted and just the fact that we can take it for granted is in itself an amazing thing.

None of us can ever fully appreciate all that goes into the wonder in which we are all immersed and because of this there is no limit to how much we can treasure all of it.

Even when we focus on being continually thankful there is always so much more for which we can be thankful for. Even when we each know that we have it great we never fully know how good we have it.

Let each of us celebrate the miracles that come at us each moment of every day within the overall miracle of our lives and as each moment falls away, know that there is another for each of us to celebrate.

With that I say to you each, goodnight and God bless each of you and all of those to who you are connected to or will ever be!