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capFrustration and anger are not good reasons to make any situation negative or any worse than it initially was, if even at all. Frustration, for whatever reason, is no reason to respond in a destructive or negative way.

Many times we do so when the other people in our lives in no way intended any hurt through a word or gesture but your response to them causes the hurt because of a temporary thought or emotion.

Yes, it is very easy to react harmfully to make any situation a bad situation or a bad situation, worse. What does this accomplish? Anger and frustration, for whatever reason, are no good reasons to be destructive. Lashing out if even for a second hurts everyone, including you and that is not what you are anyone wants.

Why not take the energy of your frustrations or the passions of your anger and morph them into a productive and positive direction. The most valuable and meaningful accomplishments in our lives are those that succeed in turning negative thoughts and circumstances into positive events and positive opportunities.

Think of what your triggers are, what makes your frustrated or angry. Do they even need to be triggers? Whatever they are do what you can to let them go or to pause before reacting and do not let your negative emotions create more negative results especially if none existed before.

Let us all look past our anger, past our frustrations and our discouragements so that we can each discover how we can truly make our moments and our lives better.

There is always a way and it is always up to us!