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Racism and hatred towards one another is not something that we are born with. It is something that we are taught by our families, our environments and our society in general.

together_we_can_change_world4_w640No, life is not always fair, it never has been, and it never will be as long as man exists within greed and selfishness. Some people are born with powerful advantages while others are born with crippling disadvantages. For each of us, in different ways and times, life can be challenging. Although life is not fair, at times it is very responsive and dynamic.

Although life is not fair, at times it presents us with endless challenges and opportunities. Each of us, no matter who we are, has the opportunity to do something about those challenges before us. One important thing that each of us can do and must do is to dream and use the power of those dreams to push forward, to triumph in all things even in the face of all the unfairness and the challenges in front of us.

Yes, it is so easy to assume that other people are the source of the unfairness in our lives but it is not the individual that made it this way, it is our society. We can change this if we so choose to do so collectively.

Yes, it seems obvious that things such as racism, greed, sexism and other humanistic shortcomings are what causes the unfairness in life. Imagine if we could just wipe these away from the way and the mind of man! Nevertheless, all of these do exist, for now, and can and does cause great harm to many people.

Yet, these things are not the true source of the unfairness of life. Even if we were to end them completely we would not end the unfairness in our lives. If you alone believe that all of the unfairness and troubles in your life are cause by other people, consider the following.

What if I were to drop you of in the deepest part of a jungle, 100’s of miles from the nearest person and out of the influence of any other living person. Would you still face challenges? Would your life still be unfair? You would be totally free of any other human influence including unfairness imposed by imperfect, self-serving people. What would you do? How long do you think you would last?

You opportunity for survival is up to you at this point and upon no one else. It is up to you to adapt, to learn, to find shelter, food and water. It is up to you to defend yourself when needed and to treat your own illnesses and injuries. You can’t blame anyone now for your failures now can you.

Think about it. It is the same right now. No matter the challenges you are faced with it is up to you to adapt and overcome any negative thing or disadvantage you may be faced with in this life in spite of anyone else. Others will have what they have and others will not but remember that you are you and it is only YOU that can make the difference in your life.

If you are one of the ones that places blame on others because of race, religion or culture, get off your ass and do something about your own life. Not one is out to get you as an individual. Yes, there are groups and organizations out there that promote hatred and racism as a collective. Who cares! If the majority of you and of society adapt and overcome, overtime our world will have no room for racism.

You are in control, take it and do something with it and change the world around you and as you do other people will follow you and others will follow them and eventually the world will follow. No, it will not happen overnight and it will take generations but let us each be the start of the change that we each want to see and be part of in our world.