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Some of you may know, some may not know that Hemingway is not one of but my ONLY favorite writer. I try to model him in what I write to an extent.

writing1Today someone emailed me from my blog asking me how I write what I do. Hemingway once said, “I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen.” This is so very true and this is where I draw my inspiration.

Any of you can write some of the most powerful things ever written if you just listen. We learn so much from life and from each other if we just listen.

With that, I would like you each to participate in something with me. For the next, few days take a notebook with you or use the notepad app on your phones and jot down what you hear from random conversations around you and from the observations that you make.

After you have a good amount of things down take, what you have and just write! Turn what you have into a poem, a short story (flash fiction) or section of prose. You decide the length. Make something ordinary into something extraordinary!!!

After you do this, I would like you to post what you have given birth to and post into the comments section below. Don’t be bashful and have fun with it. My intent here is to get you each to share life and what you learn in your own words but most of all to know that any of you have the ability to do so if you just listen.

When you do this, notice how you feel afterwards.