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Why is it we blame the problems in our world, the problems with our children and our society, on everyone else or on everything else and not ourselves?

swinging-493x391Each day I run through hundreds of news feeds and blogs. Each day I see a headline placing a blame on TV, Video Games, Commercials or any number of things but I never see the blame put where it needs to be, ON US!

One common factor in all the finger pointing is it is we that make the TV shows, it is we that make the Video Games, and it is we that make the Commercials. It is also we that make the laws; it is we that have taken away things from our children that once made them children.

I remember growing up that we could speak of God in our schools, we could pray. We had things that we could do as kids like getting together and “cruising” down a local main street for hours on end. I remember being able to grab a fishing pole and going to a local pond to fish. I remember being able to go to the beach and park and spend the day.

I also remember getting my rear popped in school and then whipped again when I got home. I was held accountable for my actions.

Now our children cannot speak of God because we can offend. We cannot pray because it may offend. We cannot go cruising anymore because someone got offended. We can’t go fishing because someone fenced in all the land or tore all the trees down and now you go to jail for trespassing. Yes we can go to the beach but you have to pay an arm and a leg and that is just too far away.

So, who is to blame? It is you and I. We have allowed this to happen. We have voted people into office that only care about a vote and how much money they can raise. It’s not about you or our children it’s about power and control and most of all greed.

So let us quit blaming everyone and everything and look into a mirror. Now let us change it! Let us put our children first and stop expecting them to be okay with what we have given them because it’s not much. It’s not what we used to have. Know that no matter what we do and teach at home it is society and what we give them outside that makes the difference.

It was, is and will always be up to us. We made this so now let us fix this. Stand up for what is right! Make the changes. Vote accordingly. Go to City Meetings and be heard. Show our children that any of us can be the change that we want to see in the world.

As you rest your head tonight, think back and remember the way it used to be and then think what life would have been like without it. This is what we have given our children and our children’s, children.