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Do you remember being a kid?

I remember that my imagination was limitless and I dreamed of being a great lamawriter. I dreamed that I would change the world with my words. As we all do, I grew older and much wiser. I soon learned that the world would not change.

It would not change because of what I wrote. It would only change when the whole of humanity changed. Therefore, I shortened my sites a bit and decided to change only my community.

But I soon realized that it too would not change.

Later in life, I decided that I would change my family, those closest and connected to me. Again, it was not going to happen.

Then one day I realized that I have to only change myself first. Then by example, I will have changed my family. Then from their inspiration and their encouragement I may be a better writer. Who knows, maybe then my words can change a world.

Sometimes the greatest thing we can do for the whole of humanity is as simple as changing something that is within ourselves.

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