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Each of us is a continual story of life. Each of us writes a new page in each thought that we have. Each of us writes a new chapter with each action that we take. We images (11)can read our pasts repeatedly. There is nothing that we can do to re-write it. What we can do is to look back and learn from the history of our lives.

We can see our mistakes and identify our weaknesses. We can change ourselves to make us better in this moment before it too becomes our history. If not and continue to make these mistakes that affect each of us, they soon become choices.

To live for the moment ensures that we can have better and richer tomorrows. What has happened is gone and is, is now and what will be will be. That is life and it is how we live it that makes all of the difference.

On this rainy day as you sit with your family and enjoying the time, which I hope that you are, think of this. Look at your wife, your husband, your children and even your pets. Notice them and know that life is good and you are in the moment you should be in, NOW.