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There is always a reason for anything. There is a reason you are where you’re at this very moment.

Out of body experience

Out of body experience (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In our lives, what happens does so for a reason. Listen, feel, watch, experience, learn and grow.

What we each perceive as coincidence is in reality a consequence of something else. What we think to be random occurrences is in reality the direct result of another action.

Our life, all of our lives, is telling us each something of value. Therefore, we must each pay attention, remain firmly grounded in our purposes in life, and hear what life itself has to say.

Only by understanding where these consequences come from can we learn to choose the ones that we desire and need. If we can each pay attention and focus on life’s causes and effects, we can create the specific outcomes we wish for ourselves and the whole of humanity.

When life is not going the way we want it to go it we can easily blame it on random bad luck. If we stop for a moment, we can notice that it is far more empowering to take responsibility for our situations. It is so because it puts us all on a path to a change for the better.

For every single result, there is indeed a cause. Let us take positive, purposeful control of the causes in our lives and let us get the results that we each truly desire.

All that we see and perceive in our lives and all that we think and all that we feel has a reason. What we stumble upon by chance has a reason.

In all that we each experience is the voice of our true selves, our souls, carrying a message for each of us. Let us listen, let us seek to understand what the experience of each moment is saying in our lives and in the lives of those to whom we are connected to.

The wisdom of life that we have collected up to this moment is speaking to each of us and all of the possibilities are spread out before us and calling to each of us.

No, my friends, it is not by any coincidence that you and I are where we are. The thoughts, intentions and experiences of the whole of humanity brought each of us to this moment.

All that we have learned and all that we have been through culminate in the place, in this time right now. An opportunity greets each of us and calls us all to move forward each day.

Let us each take the cue, feel the messages of this very moment, and go with it. In this exact time, in this exact place, this life is ours with which we can each do great and awesome things.