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What is the “Tree of Life“? Is it real or is it a metaphor?

There are many ideas and interpretations of what the “Tree of Life” is. It is also known as “The tree of knowledge”, connecting to heaven and the underworlds, and the tree of life, connecting all forms of creation, are both forms of the world tree or cosmic tree.

For me I think that what this “Tree” symbolizes is the evolution of humanity in both the physical as well as spiritual. Think of it this way.

Qabalistic Tree of Life In the Golden Dawn tra...

Qabalistic Tree of Life In the Golden Dawn tradition the Emperor is associated with path 15, and the Star with path 28. However, my tradition is not that of the Golden Dawn. My tradition is from the Gareth Knight, Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, Servants of the Light lineage, which places the Emperor on path 28, and the Star on path 15. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In an acorn, there is no actual tree but there is always the idea of the tree. The acorn cannot ask for help, it cannot move nor can it even think on its own but it can hold on to the idea that there is a tree, and it does.

When it becomes buried by its surroundings and overwhelmed, it begins to express the idea of the tree that is within. It does not wish for more than it is nor does it complain as it makes use of what it has within to promote and to bring into life, the idea, the idea of a tree.

When the rains and floods come, it fears them not and it will never hide from them. It uses the rains and floods to continue its idea that it holds a tree. When the heat of the sun shines upon it the acorn uses this energy and begins to transform the idea of the tree within, into reality.

Every second, bit by bit, cell by cell, the acorns idea of the tree begins to become an actual tree. All of the hardships, trials and tribulations come, over and over again, yet the idea pushes on and the tree that is within grows bigger and stronger.

The idea that was within the acorn becomes the majestic oak lasting hundreds of years. It used and continues to use the events and resources that come to it. Each of us as a human has a great advantage over the little acorn, because we have a mind and a soul and we can think, we can learn and we can each move ourselves and other things around as we need.

Imagine if you will, then, how more brilliantly we can express our own dreams and ideas making use of and learning from all that comes our way.

This to me is what is meant by the tree of life in that we are each the acorn and we each hold within each of us the idea of what life should be like. We each hold the idea of love and of hate, good and evil and of right and wrong.

It is what we act upon that defines the growth of our tree and the fruit that it bears.