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Long ago, I was at the end of my rope. At the time I saw no way out so I dropped to my knees in prayer, telling God, “I cannot go on for my cross is too heavy to bear”.

3275969245_07889b2b99_zAfter a bit I went to sleep and in my dream, God said to me, “My son, if you cannot bear the weight of this cross, place it in the room and then open another door and pick any cross that you wish.” I was filled with relief as I said, “Thank you Lord” as a lay my cross against a wall.

I spent a few minutes looking around the room and I notices that there were many different crosses and some of them were so huge that I could not see the tops. After a few minutes, I spotted a very tiny cross leaning against the far wall. To God I said, “I would like that one”. He whispered back to me, “Son that is the cross that you brought in”.

Sometimes in our lives our crosses seem a bit larger than they really are and then we compare them to others we see the truth. Some will be smaller, some larger and we all have them. The thing is that it is your cross to bear, so carry proudly and as you do help others along the way.