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Has our society forgotten what it means to be honest? I see very little of it in our Government, in our cities, at work or even, more sadly, in our own children.

So what exactly is honesty? Honesty is our ability to say what we know or suspect


Honesty (Photo credit: Hello, I am Bruce)

to be real even when we do not like the consequences, yes but it is also so much more.

Most of the deceptions in our lives are that of self-deception. True honesty means that we must recognize our natural humanistic proclivity for lying to or fooling ourselves. Honesty requires that we must protect ourselves against self-serving biases: our desire to seek confirmation for what we already believe while ignoring all the evidence that points to the opposite; our desire to put blame on others while taking credit for ourselves; our desire to think that what is good for ourselves is good for the rest of the world and the worst of all, to even make the Gods themselves in our own image.

The process of pure honesty must be a lifetime process of finding ourselves in falsehoods and turning away from it no matter how hard it may be. Remember that there is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience.

Let us all be honest with others and ourselves. Let us not turn away from the realities of our lives, our world and accept what is and then if we don’t like what we see let us change it all beginning first with our own hearts.