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So many aspects of life are dictated by one simple virtue in our life. That virtue is, TRUST! What is trust though?

Let me explain my definition of trust. In nature, I think the best object to compare trust to would be a waterfall. A waterfall is guided by the lay of the land with gravity sharing the role as it guides the water down as the waterfall is born.

English: Waterfall Aira Force: National Trust....

English: Waterfall Aira Force: National Trust. The waterfall is situated in the top half of the square. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The land is its foundation while gravity is its bond. Water is the support, which is a constant and will always exist on both sides of the waterfall. It is the relationship between the land, gravity and of the water, that is the source of the waterfall and without this relationship, a waterfall can never exist.

So, you see, trust in the confidence in others, ourselves as well as our sense of the Divine. In the absence of any certainty, trust takes a risk as it assumes that truth, goodness, honor, ability or fairness will overcome all things. One of the most wonderful and most delicate gifts is for another person to place his or her trust in us.

Yes, sometimes we are trusted to be or to do more that we can be or do. If you are a parent, you know what I mean. Our children trust us in this way. They have an expectation of perfection, which by its nature, makes trust fragile and delicate and can be crushed by disappointment. However, if we honor and respect this trust as a gift and cherish the vulnerability of the giver, this trust can grow and stand through and beyond and disappointment.

With this, trust becomes resilient when it is rooted in reality – when it recognizes the inadequacies of being human and yet sees the through-line of goodness that lies beneath and beyond it all.

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