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We each have one thing that is in common with each of us. We are each children and along with this, we all have the desire to feel loved.

This post though is not about being a child, son or daughter. It is about being human.

Each of us have to experience beginnings and endings throughout all of our lives. We experience birth of our children and the death of our loved ones and during all of these events, as we will know that not all of these events, especially the endings, are happy. How does it matter that it ends anyway? It does not really matter if one is buried or cremated or even if the world remembers or forgets, you after you are gone. When we are gone, our individual journeys begin again.

Sacred and Profane Love

Sacred and Profane Love (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What matters is our journey! It is the nature and the quality of our journey that has a direct impact on each of us and on those to whom we are connected.

Feeling loved is not a privilege; it is a basic human necessity. It is fundamental! It is so unfortunate that in our world today that most of us are deprived of this love. It seems too many that it is often a futile exercise to keep searching for love or to keep wanting it from someone else. If you are not being loved by someone else then learn to love yourself!

Yes, it may take a bit to get into the state of being in love with yourself, selflessly and unconditionally. Until then, do what you can and give your love, human love, spiritual love, to others and to those who want it and accept it.

One day you will find yourself staring deep into the light of transformation and you will discover yourself in a deep ocean of comfort, as your own heart will overflow with the warmth of love that washes away the pain and hurt that you have experienced in life.

When we adopt compassion and serve the greater good of our souls, our purpose, the providence will always arrange itself to address what is lacking in our lives. It may not be in a way as you may define it but in a way that you need.

So from this point forward, EXPRESS YOUR LOVE! Make someone feel special for that is the only way that you will ever understand what it feels like to feel loved.

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