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America Falling


More than 6 years have passed since the unhappy day when the American people, blinded by promises of “change” at home and abroad, lost touch with honor and freedom, thereby losing all.

Since that day of treachery and fixed elections, the Almighty has withheld his blessing from this once great Nation. Dissension and hatred has descended upon us.

With profound distress, millions of the best American men and women from all walks of life have seen the unity of this nation vanishing away, dissolving in a confusion of political and personal opinions, economic interests, and ideological differences. We have turned our heads and ignored it but now more!

Since that day, as never before in our history, the United States has presented a picture of heartbreaking disunity. We never received the equality and fraternity we had been promised, and we lost our liberty to boot. We turned out…

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