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Sometimes, some days can go from good to not so good in the blink in of an eye. Sometimes we get news that may change our lives or something blind sides us but 20130904-210845.jpgit’s okay. We make it through and move forward.

Our minds are amazingly powerful and in conjunction with our Spirits, we can be unstoppable, that is if we focus our power on the good things and on the possibilities life does give us.

Our thoughts create the stage on which we participate in life. We must make that stage as beautiful and empowering as we can in a positive and uplifting way. We have so much at this moment to cherish and to make our moments and memories.

Sometimes if something is really small we can make it into something so big we can’t see past it. Sometimes we take something that is already pretty big and make it so large that our life seems to stand still.

We should always center and focus on what we have and all that we love, admire, respect and treasure. You know, those things you already have no matter what. We need to always give the power and the strength to each of our moments, each of our connections by focusing on them with nothing but positive thoughts. We must do this even when we are hurting for the hurt will eventually pass.

Yes, we must always deal with the bad things as we can and as necessary but always focus on the awesome things. Let us make the best us of our Spirits, our Souls and the mental power that is and always has been ours and keep it pointed in the right direction, on life.

Know that each of you, no matter who you are are what it is you are dealing with, know that I am with you and that each of you are always in my thoughts and my prayers.