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Did you know that what we each see in our world and in all things that are part of our lives are but a reflection of what we each think? The thoughts that you think, imagesthe values and virtues by which you live, all of it are always coming back to each of us.

Life itself embodies the ideas and desires of each of us so would it not be true if all of us focused on peace and happiness. If we all did this, the whole of life would be filled with peace and of happiness.

Your thoughts, your actions and lack of action make each day an experience based upon them. If you awake in the morning expecting a bad day then you shall have a bad day but if you awake with the thought and feeling of a great day, it shall be as well. Each of our thoughts become our reality no matter our age.

Each of us, at this second, are becoming the person that we think we will become. You are living and will live what you expect to live.

Because of this, a simple act of making the decision to change our thoughts for the good of ourselves and of others, we can each make a difference on our world. If we decide to stand up for another then we change the lives of many.

I want each of you to always know and feel that anything in life is possible for you no matter who you are; where you came, from our where you think you are going. The life we life is our reflection of what is within. What do you see?