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Someone once said, “The question of my bread is a material question but the question of my neighbor’s bread is a spiritual question.” This is a perfect example of

The Heart

The Heart (Photo credit: petalouda62)

compassion. Do you show acts of compassion? Do you really know what it means to be compassionate?

There was a rich man once who mocked and scoffed the beggars. Anytime any beggar approached him for something, he would reprimand and use bad language towards them saying that they had fit bodies, they were well-built, they were young and that they ought to work and not beg. This went on for a while until one day when The Creator appeared to him and said, “Listen up, you. If you don’t have the heart to give, that’s fine but at least don’t condemn what I gave them.”

When you regularly do random acts of kindness, one day, something amazing happens — Nature chooses you as the subject for its random act of kindness. Such kind acts are always happening in the Universe, at every moment, to millions out there. Even rains, breeze, snowfall, sunshine, flora and fauna, origination, sustenance — these are Cosmic acts of kindness.

Compassion may just be limited to a feeling, it is a form of empathy, a sort of acceptance but kindness is compassion accompanied with a gesture of giving.

Until you can understand the pain of the other person, your heart remains closed for any kindness, it remains blindly focused on your own agenda. The saddest part of a closed heart is that you only realize it was closed when it opens. Those with closed heart, unable to perform random or planned acts of kindness, don’t even know their heart is closed like the frog in the well that doesn’t know a sea exists outside. It is when the door of your heart opens a bit, even a little bit, you experience a whole new world of peace and bliss.

Remember, you share rage, anger grows in you. You share love, love grows in you. You share contempt, hatred grows in you. You share knowledge, wisdom grows in you. You share your time, peace grows in you. You share what you have, and you grow as a person.

Let us each show more compassion each day.