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Do you seem to be more stressed lately? Do you feel like the world is against you? Well I promise the answer is really simple, it is not as bad as you may see it to be at that moment. You know that even, I get stressed a bit. I do! When that happens, I stop and just be for a bit when I can wondering in the yard or in my writing room.

In today’s world, no matter how old we are, there never seems to be as much time

English: Jump! Deutsch: Spring!

English: Jump! Deutsch: Spring! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

that we would like to have but that is okay. There is no use in getting frustrated at the situation. What we should each do is use the time that is available to each of us.

Yes, the lack of what we each perceive as time may be challenging to us but that is no reason to make it more so with our impatience. What we should all do is to go along with any difficulties and move in a positive way through them. The more we fight or push against something the more difficult it becomes to change it. It is so much easier to move away from a bus than it is to stop in-front of it to get them to slow down. There is always another one!

Each of us, from time to time, my feel sorry for ourselves because of an event or because of life itself but if you think about it, it gets you nowhere and most definitely not where you would like to be. Take your energies, feel happy for yourself and about whom you are, and be thankful for all that is yours and in your life, in spite of the actions of others.

I know that there are all sorts of distractions, interceptions and excuses and even people in life to blame for how you feel and for not moving forward. However, each of us can make one simple choice to be successful in spite of it all.

No matter our age we know that there is plenty of negativity in our world even if we do not admit it, it is still there so there is nothing to gain by adding to it our allowing it in our hearts and mind. The more of us that choose a more positive, productive and living path the more negativity we take away from our world.

It all depends specifically on the way that you see life and the way that you live it and most of all, how you respond to it all! Be happy for you and all the good that lives within each of you and feel the good that you can do and do it and spread it across the whole of humanity.

Each of you, child and adult, can change this world. If you see someone treated wrongly, make it write and become their friend. If you see someone fall, pick him or her up. If you see someone cry, look at them, don’t speak and give them a hug. If you see someone hungry, take them a meal.

Find the Good that is within you, become that Goodness, and give of yourself each day no matter what the few may say against you. Be strong and honorable in all the good that you do. It will come back when you least expect it!

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