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We all know that some days are full of smiles and of laughter while others are full of tears. Some days we move 10 steps ahead and others we fall back just as 20120811-125228.jpgmany. It’s all okay for that is life!

While it is here and things are going perfect, enjoy it! If things are not going as you wish then build more appreciation and joy for when it is perfect and as you wish it to be again.

Think of it this way, if there was never any type of down you could not ever come back up. If you never lost at anything you would not know the joy of winning. Our bright and shinning days would be boring if the rainy days never came. When night is at its darkest, that is when the dawning begins.

Know that it is such a blessing to be alive and to experience all that is good and more. It matters not what each moment may bring, no matter how each day turns out, know that your life, all of our lives are the richer for each experience!